Thursday, 29 September 2011

Update pack #1 sent out (and a slight change of plan)

By the time you read this every vendor and Femdom owner will have received, from Antony, a folder called "The Femdom Hunt II -- Update Pack 1". This folder contains a notecard about the update, a copy of the rules and guidelines for hunters (should you want to send out a copy to your group) and v2.0 of the hunt sign. This new version of the sign gives out details about the hunt for hunters rather than details of the hunt for potential vendors.

You'll also notice that it's got a black shoe on it. This will be the hunt object for the hunt.

If you have version 1 of the hunt sign on display, please remove it and replace it with version 2. If you've yet to put the sign out, please put out version 2. Please feel free to put out as many copies as you wish.

Remember, when we come to do the first walkthrough, we'll be looking for this sign, and we'll be looking to see that it's v2.0 of the sign.

And, talking of the first walkthrough, there's a slight change of plan. Zardia's been rather ill this week so her time in-world has been very limited. As such, we're a little behind schedule. Nothing too bad, we planned for this sort of thing so there's enough time for the odd slip here and there. The first walkthrough was going to be tomorrow (2011-09-30) but, instead, we're moving it until next Monday (2011-10-03). Please have v2.0 of the hunt sign visible from the SLURL you gave us by then.

And, as always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact either Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar.

PS: There's just a touch over 2 weeks until the hunt starts. We don't want to panic anyone but... if you've not started your build yet, now might be a good time. ;-)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Applications now closed

Just a little reminder that applications to be a location on The Femdom Hunt II are now closed. We'll be contacting each location in the next day or so, sending a new copy of the hunt board. This board will differ from v1.0 of the board in that it'll contain information about the hunt for potential hunters (the current boards contain information for potential hunt locations).

And don't forget that the first walk-through takes place some time on Friday. We'll be looking to see that your SLURLs that you gave us are correct, and that you have the hunt sign on display.

We'd like to thank everyone who has helped to get the word out, and also all those who have applied to be in the hunt. Without your support this wouldn't be the fun event it is.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Just one week left to apply

Just a further reminder about the deadline for applications. There's now just under a week left to apply to be a location in The Femdom Hunt II. As we said last week, you don't have to know what you'll make for, or offer for, the hunt just yet -- all that matters is that you can make something or offer something as laid out in the vendor rules.

For those vendors and Femdom locations who have applied and been accepted: please don't forget to put your signs out. If you have received the group notice that links to this blog entry, and you've applied to be in the hunt, but you haven't received your welcome pack yet, this'll be down to a glitch with Second Life. All accepted applicants have received their welcome packs, which include the hunt sign.

Don't forget, first walkthrough takes place on September 30th and it's what we'll be looking for.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Just two weeks left to apply

Just a little reminder that there are now only two weeks left to apply to be part of the hunt as a vendor or Femdom location. Applications close on September 26th, with the first walkthrough taking place four days later.

If you are thinking of taking part in the hunt as either a vendor or a Femdom location now would be a good time to get your application in. Don't worry if you're not sure what you might make for the hunt yet, there's plenty of time to decide that. You don't have to know what you'll make as your gift to apply. And, if you're undecided because you're unsure how a hunt works, or if it's right for you, please do feel free to contact Zardia Avindar or Antony Fairport to find out more. Also, while some of the details might change, this post from the first hunt might help with understanding what'll happen and what will be required of you.

If you're one of the vendors or Femdom locations who have already applied please do remember to put the sign you received out on display right away. The more signs there are out the more people will know the hunt is happening. The more who know that it is happening the more locations we'll have in the hunt. The more locations we have in the hunt the more boards we'll have on display. Ultimately this means we'll have more hunters taking part and a very busy and enjoyable hunt. If you've misplaced your board, please do ask for another copy.

Finally, if you have a group associated with your location now would be a good time to start making a bit of buzz about the hunt. If you're a customer of a store, or a member of a Femdom, who aren't displaying a copy of the Femdom Hunt 2 sign, now would be a good time to point them in the direction of this blog and suggest they might want to take part.