Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thank you, a third time

Once more, for a third time, we're here again. It's the end of another Femdom Hunt. And once again it's been magnificent. As with the second hunt, the early days of organising it had us wondering if we'd get the same involvement again. Would we get plenty of vendors? Would we get the same support of the Femdom regions? Would we get hunters.

The answer to all those questions was, obviously, yes.

Because of this we wanted to write a note of genuinely heartfelt thanks. Without the support and participation of all involved (location owners and hunters) this just wouldn't work. It works and works well. And it's down to everyone who's taken part.

As well as saying a big thank you to all the vendors who were willing to associate their stores with this hunt, we'd also like to especially thank the Femdom regions who were also willing to do the same again. Part of the point of the hunt is to highlight what the Second Life Femdom community has to offer the grid so your participation is vital. To those regions that couldn't take part this year, we hope you can join us next year (and we really did appreciate your words of encouragement in your responses).

Once again we'd also like to thank our helpers: Eve Terr and Reven Rosca. Both have provided invaluable help, keeping an eye on things when we've not been in-world, or have been busy elsewhere with hunt business.

As for what happens now: over the next few days we'll be tidying up the blog and hiding the pages that aren't needed until the next hunt. We will leave the location list in place should you want to go back and find a particular location. We'll also do the usual cleanup of the vendor tag in the in-world group. We do encourage staying with the group, especially of you're a vendor, as that will be the first place that TFHIV will be announced if and when we decide on dates.

And... that's it. For this year, at least. All being well we'll see you next time.

Zardia Avindar
Antony Fairport

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Updated gift at blah.BLAH.blah

We've been informed that there was a small problem with the gift at blah.BLAH.blah (#25). You may notice that, when you wear the gift, you appear to have a small wooden cube in your hand. This has now been fixed and an updated copy of the gift has been placed in the shoe there.

If you've already hunted at this location you may wish to pop back and pick up a corrected copy.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Creative uses of the hunt path

So, it turns out, the staff of Plausible Body have found alternative uses for the hunt path...

But, it's not just them. We got this from Noradrenaline:

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Stuff on the hunt

The idea of this post is to gather details of any new product launches, or hunt-based special offers, that are happening at hunt locations during the hunt.

AtaMe's Cursed

Coinciding with the hunt, and released in time for Halloween, is "Cursed" from AtaMe:

Head down to their main store to find out more.

Elegance by Elysa's "For Her" Creations

Two new products from Elegance by Elysa, that very much relate to the theme of the hunt: The Mistress' Chaise Lounge for relaxing or reading a poetry book, with her boy reclining at her feet, and the Mistress' Ottoman or Slipper Chair with several couples animations just for Mistress and her boy, available in a variety of colors and woods.

To see these new products head over to the main store.

EveLock's Special Offer

There's a limited special offer at the EveLock studio which is available for the duration of the hunt (or until it runs out). A furniture set, which normally sells for L$100, is available for just L$25.

See the blog entry for more details, or dash over to the Studio right now to get your set.

MoDesign Gags

Mo Noel has just announced the release of two gags at her main store. There's a straight ball gag:

and also a harness ball gag:

We're told that there are some interesting plugins on their way too. Pop along to the MoDesign main store to take a look at these new releases.

Onira Village Femdom Hunt Sale

Onira have placed four products in their medieval village and set them to 50% off, but only for members of The Femdom Hunt group. To take advantage of this offer head over to the shop, take a walk into the village and you'll find the products for sale there. Be sure that The Femdom Hunt is your active group before making a purchase (if you don't have your group tag on your money will be refunded and no product will be delivered).

Plausible Body's X-Ray Mesh Avatar

While not exactly Femdom-related there's bound to be a number of Halloween-themed parties coming up at Femdom locations very soon so this new release from Plausible Body should be of interest. A rigged mesh x-ray avatar:

The product is priced using Plausable Body's famous "open:priced" approach to pricing, which means you're encouraged to come pick it up for free, or for a donation of your choice. See their blog for more details and then swing by their main store to grab a copy.

PRIME's Special Offer

PRIME have cut the prices on their dance poles, dance stool and lap dance chairs. All are now half price. To find out more about this offer head over to their adult store.

Z&A Productions Vehicles

To coincide with the start of The Femdom Hunt III Z&A launched a new product range comprising of 10 different RLV-enabled vehicles (and 10 public rezzer systems for them). You can read more about them in this blog post.

There's also a test track available over Z&A so you can come and try them all out for yourself:

The new vehicles are available on the test track, in the main store and on Z&A's marketplace store.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Updated gift at blah.BLAH.blah

We've been informed that there was a small problem with the gift at blah.BLAH.blah (#25). An alpha layer that was needed to go with the gift had been left out of the package. This has now been fixed. If you have already hunted at #25 you are invited to head back over and pick up a fresh copy.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Updated gift at Strict Venus

We've been informed that the gift available at Strict Venus (#35) has been updated a little. Without wanting to give too much away for those who have yet to find it or unpack it, there's been a small cosmetic change. If you have already hunted at #35 you are invited to head back over and pick up a fresh copy.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Well into the second day

We're well into the second day of TFHIII and we're delighted to report that things are going very well. As of the time of writing there are only two issues that we're aware of, and we're working to try and resolve them.

One reminder we'd like to make, especially to the male hunters, is that it's always worth picking up the gift at every location, even if the store itself doesn't appear to contain the sorts of products that suit you. While we can't guarantee what you'll find (we don't know in advance, in most cases -- we love to do the hunt ourselves and so love it to be a surprise for us) at least one location has pointed out to us that while their product range is pretty much female-only, they've made a point of catering for the male hunters too. So do grab the gift anyway no matter the location -- you never know what you'll find.

Please note that for the next 24 hours Antony and Zardia's online time will be patchy due to RL. Please do send issues to us, via IM, if you have any. IMs are set to go to email so we'll know of the issue (and might be in a positon to deal with it). Also, please don't forget we've got a very helpful hunt group so joining that and taking part is a good idea.

Also note that we have two wonderful helpers who are watching out and keeping an eye on things and who will forward us any problems. They are:
  • Eve Terr
  • Reven Rosca
If there is a serious issue regarding the hunt and Zardia and Antony are not online they will be able to help.

Finally, don't forget these helpful resources:
Have fun, and happy hunting. And, most of all, thank you so much for making this hunt what it is. :-)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Wet Z

So, while it's quiet in the group, we thought we'd try out one of our new vehicles (we've placed a rezzer at the Raven Park landing point). Antony managed to dump Z in the pond. Oops. ;)

Current known issues

Here are the current (and past) known issues:
  • There has been an issue with The Velvet Thorn getting their hunt gift out. Please treat #28 as a skip for the moment (move on to #29 -- SilVerLine). Please note that Black Velvet (#48) shares a landing point with The Velvet Thorn but isn't a skip. Walk over to Black's store when visiting #48. Fixed.
  • Plausible Body (#34) has a copy of the shoe from last year's hunt rezzed next to their lucky chair. This has been left out since the last hunt so people passing through the shop can pick up the gift. This is not the shoe for this hunt. By all means pick up a copy if you missed it last time round but don't use the landmark inside it. You still need to find the shoe for this hunt (white lace). Fixed.
  • Rockoil (#54) don't appear to have their gift out yet. The owner has been contacted and we'll update when we know more. Please treat this location as a skip for now. Fixed.
  • Lovely Mi (#55) has their shoe hidden but it appears that there is no gift inside it. The landmark for the next location is good. We've contacted the owner and will update everyone when we know more. Use the landmark for the next location. Fixed.
  • Black Tulip (#32) is currently the victim of a griefing attack in the region and the store is covered by a huge object. Please skip for now. We'll update everyone once this has been fixed. Fixed.
  • The shoe at FROSTING!! (#38) has the landmark for what was the #39 location, which is no longer in the hunt. Please use the SLURL for Night Wish Toys (#40) to carry on. We're looking into getting this fixed. Fixed.
This blog entry will be updated as issues are fixed or other issues turn up.

We'd also like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has been keeping us updated of what they've found. We really appreciate it.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Hunt is On!

Finally, after a lot of planning and building by many people, the time is here. It's the 12th, The Femdom Hunt III has started! We're glad you could join us.

Now that you're setting out on the hunt we just wanted to remind everyone of the resources that are available to you:
Now for a serious moment: please remember, this is the first day of the hunt. The first few hours of any hunt almost always throw up a hurdle or two. The people who have made this hunt possible are spread out across many different timezones, and they all have a RL that demands their attention too. Because of this we ask that if you find a problem, if there's an issue, you let us know, skip to the next location, and pop back later. The latest news will always be available here on this blog and in the location list. We understand and appreciate that it can be frustrating (we love to go on hunts too), but any early problems will be fixed and we'll be letting people know when they are fixed.

Don't forget, there's a whole two weeks (and a bit -- we've done it this time so that you get three weekends) to get everything.

And, remember, the hunt group is a great place to report issues, find out about issues, seek help if you're stock or, of course, offer help to your fellow hunters.

It's also a great place to have a natter with the Femdom Hunt community too.

And, above all else, do remember: have fun. We are. ;-)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

TFH3: Almost there

As of the time of writing there's a little over a day and a half to go until The Femdom Hunt III starts. Almost everything is done. Almost everything is in place. Hopefully everyone has their builds/creations/gifts all done and ready.

For the Femdom owners and vendors: by now most of you have v3.0 of the sign out, thank you. Now would be a great time to decide where you'll hide your gift and what your hint will be to point the hunters in the right direction. If you need help setting the hint inside the sign be sure to take a look at Monday's blog entry. If you have any other issues with it please do feel free to contact Antony.

Remember that final walk-though is tomorrow, Thursday, Second Life time. We'll be doing the walk-though at some point during the day, there's no fixed time yet. All we're looking for this time is that you're still there and that your v3.0 sign is out. Also, at this point in time, please take in the copy of the shoe you rezzed next to the sign for us. This isn't needed any more.

To all of you who have sent in your hint, thanks. If you've not sent Antony your hint please do so as soon as possible.

And, don't forget, we're very close now so now's a great time to be posting about the hunt to your groups if you have any, or posting about it on your blog if you have one. Do please let is know if you do blog about the hunt, we'll be looking to create a page of links to all mentions we can find.

For the hunters: You can find the rules and guidelines for the hunt here on this blog. Don't forget that there's an in-world group for the hunt too. If the first two hunts are anything to go by it's a fun and chatty group (note that we welcome and encourage group chat -- please keep this in mind, it will often be a friendly and chatty group).

If you are wondering where to start the hunt: everyone is, of course, more than welcome to come start at Z&A Productions. However, this is a circular hunt and we want to encourage people to start at their favourite shop or "home" Femdom. You can find a list of all participating locations here on the blog. Note that when the hunt starts hints and landmarks will be included there.

As for when it starts... Friday. This Friday. Friday 12th. At midnight. Midnight on the start of this Friday. Second Life time. The first stroke of this Friday Second Life time.

Did we mention it's this Friday? ;-)

Monday, 8 October 2012

How To: Set the hint in your hunt sign

By now most of you have the v3.0 sign out and visible at your location (and for those who don't, if you could place it out as soon as possible, and let Antony know that you've done so, that'd be great). You've probably already noticed that the big difference between v2.0 and v3.0 is that there's some hover text that is designed to show the hint for your location.

At some point soon you'll be wanting to set your hint. What you set it to is, of course, up to you. You can make it nice and easy, or you can make it rather tricky. It really depends on just how hard you want to make it for the hunters who come to your location. No matter what you decide to do in that regard, you'll need to set the hint so that it shows on the board -- here's how to do it:

Right click on the sign and select "Edit" from the menu. This will give you the usual edit dialog:

Now select the content tab in the edit dialog. You'll get a list of all the items that live inside the sign:

At the top of the list you should see a notecard called Hint. Double-click on this to open it so you can edit it:

At this point you want to delete the text that's in there (by default it says "All will be revealed by October 12th") and replace it with your hint. Please note that the hint can be multiple lines so, if you really do feel the urge to pen a poem or something similar, you can -- we'd advise not making the hint too long though.

Once you've made your change hit the Save button.

Once saved you can close the notecard. When you do you should find that the text you wrote in the notecard is now hovering above the shoe that is on the face of the sign.

Congratulations: the hint is set.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Reminder: Second walk-through is tomorrow

Just a little reminder that the second walk-through is happening tomorrow. At some point during tomorrow Zardia and Antony will be taking a walk through your location and they'll be looking for the following:
  1. Version 3.0 of the hunt sign on display at your landing point.
  2. Your hunt object (the shoe) rezzed out with the sign.
Please remember: you don't need to do anything with the shoe yet. Please don't go putting your hunt gift inside it, the hunt doesn't start until next week. This is just our way of making sure that everyone got their shoe, that they still have it, that everyone got sent the right one and that the landmark inside it is correct and still working.

Also, please keep in mind that we're just over a week off the start of the hunt. If you have a group that is associated with your Femdom location or store, now might be a great time to start promoting the hunt. If you have a blog, now would be a good time to write about it there. If you know of any related groups or blogs that would welcome information on the hunt please feel free to pass them a copy of the publicity pack (if you lost your copy please let Antony Fairport know and he'll drop you another copy -- a copy was included in the second update pack you were sent on Monday).

Oh, yes, and now's a good time to be getting your build/creation done if you've not done so already. ;-)

As always, if you have any questions about the hunt, no matter how small or simple, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll do everything we can to help.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Second update pack sent, and a slight change of plan

The second update pack has now been sent out to the primary contact for all hunt locations. You will have received an object, sent by Antony, named "TFH3 - Update Pack 2 - #{n} - {name}" where {n} is your location number in the hunt and {name} is your location name. For example, the update pack for Z&A is named "TFH3 - Update Pack 2 - #01 - Z&A Productions". Please open this and act on it as soon as you possibly can.

If you haven't received this object please contact Antony Fairport as soon as possible so he can drop you a fresh copy.

Two vital items inside the box are your hunt object (more on this in a moment) and the third version of the hunt sign. Please replace all existing hunt signs with this v3.0 sign. This is what we'll be looking for on the third walk-though this Friday. Note that this version of the sign has the hint-giver code in it. There's no need for you to set your hint yet and when the time comes to set it we'll write a blog entry on how to do it.

And now to the shoe, and a slight change of plan. For reasons we won't bore everyone with (but you can read a little more about it on Antony's personal blog if you're interested) we're not going to be able to easily do the usual "sell content for L$0" thing. It seems that there's recently been a change to SL somehow and some way that makes this nearly impossible with the usual setup. So, the shoe you'll find inside this pack has a content-giving script inside it instead. This is a very simple script, it simply gives the content of the shoe to whoever touches it, in a folder named the same as the name of the shoe (it also does keep count of how many times it's been touched and tells the owner when they touch it). The script is provided full-perm so you can check what it does and how it does it.

In the pack you'll also find these items:

  • The Femdom Hunt 3 Publicity Pack - Rez and unpack this for a handful of items that might be useful when publicising the hunt.
  • The Femdom Hunt Path - This comes in a couple of different sizes and also in two maturity ratings. If you intend to hide your object more than 30m from your landing point, or if your sign needs to be more than 30m from your landing point, use this path to guide people to the right area.
  • Z&A As the Crow Flies - A simple little HUD that Antony knocked up around the time of TFH2. You can use this to measure the direct distance between two points. Handy for checking if you're within 30m of your landing point and sign, etc.
And that's it. Please remember to get your v3.0 sign out as soon as possible. And also please remember that we'll be looking for it, and a copy of your shoe rezzed next to it (without the gift inside), this Friday, during the second walk-through. We'll write a little more about this later on this week.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar and we'll do everything we can to help.