Monday, 27 October 2014

Save the Date: The Femdom Hunt V Closing Dance

As with the weekend of the start of The Femdom Hunt V things coincide with the usual fortnightly Raven Park dance. So, once again, we're moving the dance over to the Z&A Productions store and we're making it a Femdom Hunt dance. This time to celebrate the (almost) end of the hunt.

And the theme? Just like last year it's:

I finished the Femdom Hunt!
(or not, but I'm close, or hope to)

The idea being that people come along wearing outfits, or restraints, etc, from or inspired by this (or previous) Femdom Hunts. Everyone is welcome. Dress up, dress silly, dress totally fetish, whatever takes your fancy, and come and swap your Femdom Hunt hunting and unboxing stories. As always there'll be a fun mix of tunes from Eve Terr.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday November 1st
Time: 4:00pm to 6:00pm SLT
Where: Z&A Productions
Music by: Eve Terr

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Erotic Intimidation (#28) has moved

We've received word that #28 (Erotic Intimidation) has moved. The location list has been updated with their new SLURL and we're working on getting the new landmark into the shoe at #27.

Please don't forget that all information that we have about all locations in the hunt can always be found in the location list.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

TFHV: Opening dance photos

Yesterday afternoon was the opening dance for The Femdom Hunt V. We gathered in the "club" built on the top floor of Z&A and enjoyed a couple of hours of fun and music while perving each others' burlesque-inspired outfits. Of course, we took photos as well. Here's a few highlights:

We'd like to thank everyone who came along and made it a fun event -- it was a lovely break from the work of getting the hunt under way. We'd also especially like to thank Eve for putting on a great musical set.

We'll be using the next Raven Park dance, in two weeks time, to mark the (almost) end of the hunt. Like last time the theme will be "stuff I've got on the hunt". Hopefully we'll see you then!

A reminder and an extra gift

The hunt is now into its third day and things are going well. Many thanks to everyone who has let us know of any issues out on the hunt, we really appreciate it. Don't forget that all known issues and things of note can be found on the location list page of this blog.

There's a little reminder we'd also like to make: while many locations on the hunt are on adult regions, and while some of them are perfectly okay with nudity, this isn't always the case. Many locations, even on adult regions, prefer that avatars not be nude in public locations (or sometimes anywhere on the region). Given this, we'd just like to remind everyone that it's best not to wander through every location on the hunt nude. Thanks.

Finally, #15 (ONIRIA Shop) have dropped us a line to let us know that they've added a third gift to their shop. We've updated the location list accordingly (the hint is "Do you really know what BDSM mean?") and, of course, if you've already hunted that location you're invited back to find the third gift.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Stuff on the hunt

The idea behind this post is to gather together details of any new product launches, hunt-based special offers or events that might be of interest to people that are happening at hunt locations during the hunt. If you have something you'd like mentioned here please drop Antony a line.

ONIRIA Shop Femdom Hunt Special Offer
For the duration of The Femdom Hunt V ONIRA Shop (#15) are running a 50% off all shop products deal.

New from AtaMe
Coinciding with the start of the hunt is this new release from AtaMe (#37):

Special offer from WS Creations
To celebrate the start of The Femdom Hunt V WS Creations (#23) have introduced a special offer for their recently-released Dominatrix Chair. Normally L$3,000, the price has been dropped to L$1,500 for the duration of the hunt.

Special offers at Erotic Intimidation
Erotic Intimidation (#28) currently has all shoes 50% off and a special Halloween shoe with HUD for only 59L.

L$100 any purchase at Dark Restriction for group members
ZooeyDark at Dark Restriction (#46) is offering L$100 off any purchase made by a Femdom Hunt group member. Getting the discount is simple: make your purchase as normal and, if she's in the shop, she'll pay you the discount right away. If she's offline just drop her an IM to claim the discount. This offer even includes custom orders (drop Zooey a line for more details).

"Tap or Treat" at Diabolical Super Science
Wilhelmina at Diabolical Super Science has set up a "Trap or Treat" ghost in her shop.  What's it do? It does something.... diabolical! All you do is click it and you might get a L$50 gift card or you might get tossed on one of the shop's demo models (so best experienced with RLV, of course).

Special offer from Gems of Topaz
A Femdom hunt special off from Gems of Topaz: Gems of Topaz is proud to announce in honor of the FemDom Hunt V, that we will be placing our newly released collection on 25% off sale.  Both the PG and Adult versions which are normally priced 799 for the sofa and 699 for the chair will only be on sale for a limited time.  As an extra bonus, we will also give to anyone who purchase both a chair and sofa the side table currently on display with the set.  Happy Hunting!  MissSasha Topaz

PRIME: 50% off until the end of the hunt
From Reven: An era is over.

Not only is this my last Femdom hunt with PRIME, but also the last days of my inworld shop. 

I have chosen to focus on my fullperm brand Meshopotamia, and will therefore clear my inworld shop when the Femdom hunt is over.

Until then, all of my items are 50% or more off. 

A selection of beds will be available on the Marketplace for a while, but most items will be discontinued November 3rd.

PRIME doesn't close completely, though. Winona keeps the store open when I pull out, and her items are not on sale. So how can you know what is on sale? 

-My items are in the area where the hunt tracks are laid out. (On your right hand when you land, and all of PRIME 1:1)

Thank you all for your support since 2008, and cheers for new beginnings!


Evelock Zen Hammock
For those who need to relax when they've finished the hunt, or even while out on the hunt, Evelock have a very special deal on a new release: 25 copies of the Zen Hammock are available right now for just L$25. Once they're gone it'll be on sale at the normal price of L$200.

See the Evelock blog for all the details.

The hunt is on!

Finally, after a lot of planning and building by many people, the time is here. It's the 17th, The Femdom Hunt V has started! We're glad you could join us.

Now that you're setting out on the hunt we just wanted to remind everyone of the resources that are available to you:
Now for a serious moment: please remember, this is the first day of the hunt. The first few hours of any hunt almost always throw up a hurdle or two. The people who have made this hunt possible are spread out across many different timezones, and they all have a RL that demands their attention too. Because of this we ask that if you find a problem, if there's an issue, you let us know, skip to the next location, and pop back later. The latest news will always be available here on this blog and in the location list. We understand and appreciate that it can be frustrating (we love to go on hunts too), but any early problems will be fixed and we'll be letting people know when they are fixed.

Don't forget, there's a whole two weeks (and a bit -- we've done it this time so that you get three weekends) to get everything.

And, remember, the hunt group is a great place to report issues, find out about issues, seek help if you're stock or, of course, offer help to your fellow hunters.

It's also a great place to have a natter with the Femdom Hunt community too.

And, above all else, do remember: have fun. We are. ;-)

PS: Don't forget that we're having a dance to celebrate the start of the hunt. We'd love it if you could join us.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

TFHV: Almost there

As of the time of writing there's a little over a day and a half to go until The Femdom Hunt V starts. Almost everything is done. Almost everything is in place. Hopefully everyone has their builds/creations/gifts all done and ready.

For the Femdom owners and vendors: by now you all appear to have v3.0 of the sign out, thank you. If you've not done so already now would be a great time to decide where you'll hide your gift and what your hint will be to point the hunters in the right direction. If you need help setting the hint inside the sign be sure to take a look at Monday's blog entry. If you have any other issues with it please do feel free to contact Antony.

Remember that final walk-though is tomorrow, Thursday, Second Life time. We'll be doing the walk-though at some point during the day, there's no fixed time yet. All we're looking for this time is that you're still there and that your v3.0 sign is out. Also, at this point in time, please take in the test copy of the shoe you rezzed next to the sign for us. This isn't needed any more.

To all of you who have sent in your hint, thanks. If you've not sent Antony your hint please do so as soon as possible.

And, don't forget, we're very close now so now's a great time to be posting about the hunt to your groups if you have any, or posting about it on your blog if you have one. Do please let is know if you do blog about the hunt so we can update the page of blog mentions.

For the hunters: You can find the rules and guidelines for the hunt here on this blog. Don't forget that there's an in-world group for the hunt too. If the first three hunts are anything to go by it's a fun and chatty group (note that we welcome and encourage group chat -- please keep this in mind, it will often be a friendly and chatty group).

If you are wondering where to start the hunt: everyone is, of course, more than welcome to come start at Z&A Productions. However, this is a circular hunt and we want to encourage people to start at their favourite shop or "home" Femdom. Think of any location on the hunt as the first location. You can find a list of all participating locations here on the blog. Note that when the hunt starts hints and landmarks will be included there.

As for when it starts... Friday. This Friday. Friday 17th. At midnight. Midnight on the start of this Friday. Second Life time. The first stroke of this Friday Second Life time.

Did we mention it's this Friday? ;-)

Monday, 13 October 2014

Save the Date: The Femdom Hunt V Dance

As with last year's hunt, this year the opening weekend of the hunt coincides with the normal Raven Park dance weekend. So, once again, we're moving the Raven Park dance over to the Z&A main store and making it the opening dance for The Femdom Hunt V.

The main point of the dance is to simply celebrate the fact that the hunt is under way, and to encourage everyone who's made it possible to come along and let their hair down for a couple of hours and have some fun. So, like last year, we're going to have a pretty relaxed theme:


So feel free to come along and show off your best corsets and stockings and feathers and.... anything that says "burlesque" to you. The important part is that you join us. Everyone is invited. Everyone is welcome.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday October 18th
Time: 4:00pm to 6:00pm SLT
Where: Z&A Productions
Music by: Eve Terr

How To: Set the hint in your hunt sign

By now everyone will have their v3.0 sign out and visible at their locations. You've probably already noticed that the main difference between the v2.0 and v3.0 board is that there's some hover text that is designed to show the hint for your location.

At some point soon you'll be wanting to set your hint. What you set it to is, of course, up to you. You can make it nice and easy, or you can make it rather tricky. It really depends on just how hard you want to make it for the hunters who come to your location. No matter what you decide to do in that regard, you'll need to set the hint so that it shows on the board -- here's how to do it:

Right click on the sign and select "Edit" from the menu. This will give you the usual edit dialog:

Now select the content tab in the edit dialog. You'll get a list of all the items that live inside the sign:

At the top of the list you should see a notecard called Hint. Double-click on this to open it so you can edit it:

At this point you want to delete the text that's in there (by default it says "All will be revealed by October 17th") and replace it with your hint. Please note that the hint can be multiple lines so, if you really do feel the urge to pen a poem or something similar, you can -- we'd advise not making the hint too long though (if only because you can only have so much text in hover text).

Once you've made your change hit the Save button.

Once saved you can close the notecard. When you do you should find that the text you wrote in the notecard is now hovering above the shoe that is on the face of the sign.

Congratulations: the hint is set.

PS: If you intend to use your own hint-giver (we appreciate that very large locations often use them) can you please set the hint on our board to say that? This is a great clue to the hunters that they need to look there. It also means that it doesn't look like you forgot to set a hint.

PPS: Dressing as a pony boy is not a requirement for setting the hint in your board.