Vendor Rules

All accepted applications are for stores and Femdoms located on mature or adult sims. Please keep in mind the adult nature of the hunt theme.

If your store is in a mall location please remember that you will only be accepted on the understanding that you are able to put a prim path towards your store (this will be provided) or if direct teleports are enabled.

Please remember: original content creations only please.

Your hunt gift must either be an original build made for the hunt, or an existing build modified in some way (perhaps a unique texture). It must not be available elsewhere (either in your shop, for another hunt or via the marketplace) for the duration of the hunt. It must not have been used as your gift if you were a vendor in the four Femdom Hunts. Remember that this is a Femdom hunt: the hunters will be Dommes and male and female subs. Please, no items aimed at male Doms.

You are welcome to make as many gifts as you like, but we do ask that you limit the number of hidden packages to a maximum of 3 (just the one hidden package is preferable, but we do understand that some people like to hide more). If multiple packages are hidden the landmark to the next location must be contained in all of them so people can move on if they wish. We also ask that, if you do this, you inform us up front so we can alert people to this.

When accepted into the hunt you will have received vendor information, a group invitation and a hunt sign. It is understood that you carefully read the vendor information, accepted the group invitation and placed the hunt sign at your location.

The order of stores in the hunt is the order of application acceptance. The hunt is designed as a “circular hunt” in that the last location will have a link to the first location. This will allow people to start anywhere they wish in the hunt.